Some random ftm!Blaine/Klaine fic, Rated NC-17

So a few trigger warnings for anyone who is transgender, specifically transmen, or anyone who is dysphoric about their lower anatomy being stimulated or being involved in sexual activities. 

This is eventually going to be part of a larger story. No idea when, but this is a random part that would be about halfway through it or so. 

So enjoy some smut fic and cutie pooties!

Kurt hummed happily as he skipped up the last flight of stairs to Blaine’s apartment. It was a rather grand and spacious loft that Blaine was renting from his brother, Cooper. A roof-top high rise in the nicer part of the city with a distant view of Central Park and the backside was an entire wall of windows from mid-ceiling to the floor.

Still humming, Kurt dug his key ring out of his pocket and found the spare key to Blaine’s place. Once he was inside, he looked around. Nothing much had changed since Sunday. A small pile of dishes was still in the sink, several empty coffee mugs were on the table in front of the couch, and a stack of textbooks was perched on the kitchen counter. One was flopped open with a pen and notebook on top of it.

Kurt smiled at the usual little messes Blaine kept around and stretched. He was early; almost an hour early according to the clock on the stove. While he waited for Blaine to get back from wherever or to wake up, Kurt decided he’d do the dishes and tidy up a bit. Blaine always teased him for it, but–

A low moan echoed from the bedroom. Kurt froze, staring at the closed door. A second followed, the sound twisting higher into a pitchy whine. That was Blaine.

Blaine was home and he was masturbating.

Heart pounding, Kurt watched the door for a second and swallowed. He should turn around and leave. Go grab a coffee from the shop on the corner and come back in a bit. Blaine, being transgender, was incredibly private about his body and sexual activities. He might fuck Kurt senseless with a realistic strap-on he put on under his boxers, but he’d never yet let Kurt get him off. Kurt didn’t like it, but he respected and understood Blaine’s choice and dysphoria. He loved his boyfriend, even if the lack of reciprocity was disheartening. Every night he dreamt about going down on Blaine, hearing him come over and over again while his fists twisted the sheets and his hips arched up into Kurt’s mouth, or imagined the heavy smack of Blaine’s thighs pressing down to the tops of his as Blaine rode him–

"Oh, god! Shit!

Jeans tight, Kurt found his legs carrying himself towards Blaine’s bedroom door as though he was on a walking escalator at the airport. He couldn’t stop himself. Blaine was making himself feel good, was about to make himself come, the one thing Kurt wanted to do with his boyfriend more than anything in the world. Quietly, he pressed the cracked door open and glanced in. He swallowed the gasp that tried to escape at the sight that met his eyes.

Blaine was kneeling on the bed, comforter twisted around his waist and under himself, leaning on a huge mound of pillows in front of himself. A thick sheen of sweat was glistening over the taut muscles of his back and he was panting. With a whimper of his own, Kurt gazed in, taking in the warm skin his fingers were usually digging into. There were still two sets of nail-dents on Blaine’s shoulder blades from a few nights ago.

God,” Blaine breathed, arching his back and tossing his head back. “So good… “

Breathing uneven, Kurt watched as Blaine’s hips started to roll and then started rising and falling. His hand slipped down his front and a moment later Kurt hear the buzzing of a vibrator start up as Blaine rode.

Kurt was flushed and panting when he closed the door a few seconds later. He shouldn’t watch. Blaine didn’t seem to want him involved in his pleasure because of the discomfort he had with his lower body. Yet he didn’t seem to have any problem with that area when he was aloe. Frowning, Kurt  headed over to the couch and fanned himself with one of Blaine’s old Vogues. He hated the physical distance between them. Blaine was obviously comfortable with himself, but he didn’t feel comfortable sharing that with Kurt. It hurt, but Kurt couldn’t blame him either. He couldn’t imagine how long it had taken Blaine to get to the point where he was masturbating and touching himself–

A loud, panting groan echoed out of the bedroom and Kurt, embarrassed and suddenly filled with guilt, covered his ears. That sound, as much as it should turn him on, shouldn’t in this scenario. Blaine was going to be so humiliated when he told him, and he would. He couldn’t lie to Blaine. If nothing, this gave Kurt a reason to bring the topic of pleasing Blaine up again.

About ten minutes later, Kurt heard Blaine’s shower cut on and started trying to calm himself down. He could start dinner and pick their movie for the night. If he didn’t have a boner tenting his pants that was. After another ten minutes, Kurt had cooled off and was looking through Blaine’s refrigerator for dinner options. Finally, when he only found two jars of jam, bologna, and half a slice of leftover pizza, Kurt perused the stack of takeout and delivery pamphlets next to it. Chinese sounded good to him.

The shower cut off and Kurt gave Blaine a few more minutes before he went into the bedroom.

"B- Blaine?" he called, voice cracking as his eyes fell on the tangled comforter on the bed. "Are you up for Chinese?"

"Sounds good!" Blaine hollered back from the bathroom.

Kurt dialed the number and placed their order, adding two extra orders of dirty brown rice and Blaine’s favorite Combination Lo Mein. His boyfriend appeared a few minutes after he hung up, shirt in hand as he dried his curls with a towel. The sight of the other man’s bare chest made Kurt’s heart stutter and his cock throb dully. It was the first time Kurt could ever remember being upset that Blaine could walk around shirtless.

"You’re early," Blaine greeted with a huge smile, setting his shirt on the counter and wrapping his arms around Kurt’s neck. "I missed you."

As Blaine’s lips pressed against his, parted and damp, Kurt groaned embarrassingly loud and clutched Blaine’s hips. A warm chuckle greeted the noise and the jerk of Kurt’s hips as Blaine slid a hand into Kurt’s hair and pulled his head back.

"Aw, is that why you’re so early?" Blaine pouted, nipping at Kurt’s chin. "Looking for a pre-dinner fuck?"

"I’d rather fuck you," Kurt blurted before he could stop himself.

Blaine froze, his teasing grin fading to an uncomfortable frown. But his eyes were still sparkling, a little distant, but sparkling with the same lust that was present when he held Kurt down and pounded into him. Kurt knew Blaine wanted the same. He could see it in his eyes, but he respected the reason Blaine hesitated, too.


"Sorry, I just– I– Blaine," Kurt said slowly, feeling queasy with guilt. "I got here half an hour ago, honey. I… I heard you and–"

"Kurt, you–" Blaine swallowed, face falling in humiliation as his arms sprang away from Kurt and circled around his own chest. "Why didn’t you– oh my god.”

"I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but god, you were so hot, Blaine,” Kurt rambled, face burning as Blaine took a seat at the counter and closed his eyes. “Do you know how badly I want to be the reason you make those noises? The reason you come? I– god, I’m overstepping so much, I’m sorry, I just… I want you. And I know you want us, but I know you’re scared and I just wish you’d tell me why–”

"Because you’re gay, Kurt," Blaine said simply.

Kurt was so shocked he stopped talking. What?

"You’re gay," Blaine repeated. "You– why would any gay male want someone w- with this?” Blaine gestured to the front of his jeans. “Gay men, they like dick. They want a man they can fuck in the ass and who will do the same for them and I… Kurt, I don’t like that. I can’t do that. There’s just… there’s nothing there that would interest you, all right?”

It hurt to hear Blaine say such a thing. The words were painful and raw in Kurt’s ears as he swallowed and blinked back his tears. None of that was true. At least not for him. The fact that Blaine believed that hurt and made his stomach ache.

"Blaine, baby," Kurt said gently. "I knew exactly who you were physically when I said yes the first time you asked me out. I’ve gotten to know you for almost a year and I don’t care, okay? I don’t care what’s between your legs or what organs are inside of you or what hormones your body wants to produce, okay?  I want you and that includes your physical body. I want to hear you moan my name and panting in my ear and feel you arching up under me or above me as I make you come and– god, how could you think I don’t want you?”

Blaine was quiet for a long time, staring at Kurt with tear-filled eyes and a stunned, amazed expression.

"Because n- nobody else ever has," Blaine murmured, taking a shaky breath as Kurt reached out and clasped his hand. "I’m sorry. I thought–"

"Shh, come here, I’m sorry I invaded your privacy," Kurt apologized, circling his arms around Blaine’s shoulder and hugging him tightly. Blaine returned the embraced, burying his face into the crook of Kurt’s neck and sniffing.

"It’s okay," Blaine whispered after a moment. "I mean, I- I do want to share myself with you. All of myself, but I didn’t think you did and I’m still nervous about it because I’m just… I’ve never let anyone in before."

"We can take things as slow as you need," Kurt told him gently, leaning back and smiling down at him. "I just want to make sure we do get to share ourselves with each other, okay?”

Blaine nodded and smiled back, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. “You’re amazing,” he whispered.

"So are you," Kurt murmured in reply. "So, um, do you want to tell me what you’d be comfortable with to start? Like if me actually touching you in that area is okay or if just toys for now or just watching you or–"

Blaine laughed as Kurt continued to ramble out a list of possibilities. “Um, let’s talk over dinner and a movie, okay?”

Kurt flushed and nodded shyly. “Okay, it should be here soon–”

The doorbell rang. Blaine hurried to answer it as Kurt got out drinks and set them up on the couch, popping the movie in as Blaine set the bags down on the coffee table.

"Oh, Legally Blonde," Blaine cooed in delight." Excellent choice."

They settled down and started their movie, eating and talking, first about the movie and then about Blaine’s comfort. Kurt learned a lot during that hour of talk. He learned what he’d suspected for a while– that Blaine enjoyed penetration, vaginal but not anal, and that he was perfectly content with his lower anatomy most days at this point in his physical transition. Kurt had always suspected it when he’d heard Blaine’s opinions of bottom surgery options, but it was nice to have it confirmed.

"So, um, that’s what I like, or know I like so far, when I’m alone," Blaine finished, cheeks red as he finished the last of his lo mein. "But I’ve never had anyone else do anything, and the idea makes me really nervous and dysphoric and– what if you change your mind once you see or feel me, Kurt?”

It was a legitimate question and Kurt knew it. He honestly didn’t know the answer to it. He wanted Blaine, in his heart, in his mind, no matter how his body was designed, but he’d never seen or done anything with – a pussy? What did Blaine even call that area? – in his life.

"I don’t think I will, Blaine," Kurt said slowly. "I love you. I’m in love with you. You’re all I want, but you’re right to be scared. I am, too. I’m scared of hurting you or moving too fast or making you uncomfortable or embarrassed. That’s why we’ll take this slow, okay? For both of us to adjust, but… " Kurt hesitated for a second before plowing on. "I’ve had dreams about going down on you– no, not on your cock," he added as Blaine’s face fell and he opened his mouth to ask, "on your– I’m not sure what you call it," he continued lamely. "So many dreams and fantasies about feeling you around me and watching you come for me over and over and over… "

"R-really?" Blaine stammered, a little breathless as he set his rice box down.

"Yeah," Kurt agreed, shyly meeting Blaine’s eyes. "For months now. Ever since I brought up pleasing you that first time. I just want you.”

"Thanks," Blaine said quietly.

A little confused, Kurt’s eyes crinkled up as he smiled and giggled. “Did you just thank me for wanting you?”

"Yeah, I guess that’s weird, but– no other guy has ever wanted all of me, Kurt," Blaine admitted. "I never even mentioned it with the last one. My high school boyfriend didn’t ever bring it up either."

"Well, I like it," Kurt said with certainty. "I like the idea of going down on your– um… "

"Pussy," Blaine whispered, mortified. "That’s w- what I call it. That’s probably really weird to you– god, I’m such a freak–"

"Blaine Devon Anderson, you are no such thing," Kurt snapped, suddenly stern. "You are wonderful and beautiful and vibrant and sexy as hell.” He paused and pulled Blaine in close, cradling the other man against his chest. “You just use the typical names then?”

"Pussy and clit, yeah," Blaine answered, nodding. "I mean, that’s what they are. Or at least how I view them. You’ve met my dick after all–"

"And a fabulous dick it is," Kurt added with a smile. "I bet it’s nothing compared to your pussy though." His stomach pulsed warmly at the thought, taking in Blaine’s shy grin and pink cheeks. "I’d, um, really love to start getting… acquainted with it, if that’s all right."

"But, Kurt– the movie–"

"We’ve seen it a hundred times," Kurt murmured, attaching his mouth to the side of Blaine’s neck and sucking wetly. "I’d really like to hear you say my name when you come this time,” he added sultrily, voice dropping as he traced his tongue over Blaine’s throat and eased him back on the couch. “Or feel you under me.”

"Kurt," Blaine whined, accepting a greedy kiss and the tongue parting his lips. "I, um, don’t actually touch, okay? I’m–"

"I know, I know," Kurt murmured, pecking him on the cheek. "I won’t do anything below the belt unless you ask first, okay?"

"Okay," Blaine agreed, arching up into Kurt’s next kiss and sighing happily.

They continued kissing for a while, peeling each other’s shirts off and caressing each other softly. Kurt took his time, moving over the tendons of Blaine’s neck, sucking and nipping and soothing spots with his tongue. He could feel the earlier tension slipping out of Blaine, kiss by kiss. Blaine always got so tense and uneasy whenever they had a discussion about Blaine’s pleasure or anything about bottom surgeries or his lower anatomy. Kurt always did his best not to bring up the latter two, but he was glad he’d brought the first up, especially tonight.

It had been a while since they’d just made out like this and it felt wonderful. His lips grazed down Blaine’s collarbones, moving over the dark hairs on Blaine’s chest, sucking one nipple into his mouth and teasing it roughly. They were easily Kurt’s favorite spot on Blaine’s chest; small and a brownish-pink, tiny little overly sensitive peaks that fit perfectly between his lips. With a tugging suck, he unlatched his mouth and grinned against Blaine’s skin as the other man squirmed under him.

"Oh, Kurt, yes,” Blaine moaned, arching up against his lips and grinning at the ceiling. “Love your lips.”

"Mmm, love your skin," Kurt countered, tracing his tongue over the aroused bud teasingly. "You always taste so good.”

Blaine keened loudly as Kurt sucked it back into his mouth, sucking and lavishing slowly until Blaine was panting and whining high in his throat like he couldn’t help it. Kurt released him slowly, lips swollen as he moved down Blaine’s abdomen and then traced his tongue over Blaine’s hipbone, sucking hard and long. He was panting even louder when Kurt pulled back, feet kicking about under Kurt as he grappled for Kurt’s hair and yanked him back up for a searing kiss.

"Rub me," Blaine panted, "just through my jeans? Kurt, please– “

"Shh," Kurt murmured, pulling Blaine’s bottom lip between his teeth and sucking at it. "I’ve got you."

He pressed Blaine back down, letting his left hand slowly run down Blaine’s side until it reached the zipper of Blaine’s jeans. He could feel Blaine’s packer through the thick denim and pressed the heal of his hand against it and rubbed. Blaine’s hips jerked a little and he grunted as his hands released Kurt’s hair. It was a heady experience for Kurt. Even though he’d known Blaine wore a packer he’d never touched it, except accidentally or with his own cock when he’d rutted against Blaine.

"Oh, god, feels good," Blaine breathed, arching his hips up. "N- need more," he added. "C- can we go to my room?"

"Y- yeah, okay," Kurt gasped in agreement, suddenly feeling nervous. He stood up, pulling Blaine up by the hand. As much as he’d fantasized, he’d never research methods or how-to’s for anything. Somehow he didn’t think sharing an apartment with Santana for a year counted. He adjusted his jeans as Blaine led him into his room and towards the bed. The pillows were still piled up and the comforter was still a twisted mess. Blaine laid the pillows back down the way they slept on them and untwisted part of the comforter until he found what he was looking for.

It was some sort of vibrating device, Kurt guessed, white and about the size of his hand with a little nub attachment that obviously pressed against him. He watched Blaine untangle the cord from the sheets before he settled down and motioned for Kurt to join him.

"Is that a massager?" Kurt asked curiously as Blaine covered them up with the comforter.

"Yeah," Blaine said nervously. "I use it on," he cleared his throat roughly," my clit. I was hoping you might want to… try it?"

Kurt nodded vigorously, stomach flipping nervously. He shifted closer, facing Blaine who was on his back and holding the massager over his stomach.

"I love you," Kurt whispered, pressing a kiss to Blaine’s neck and tentatively taking the massager in hand. "How– um… how do you u- use it?"

Blaine swallowed and showed Kurt the little switch on the back. “There’s only two setting. I like the first one. It’s stronger,” he added, flushing a little.

Kurt nodded again, and smiled as he kissed Blaine’s cheek. “Okay, so,” he jumped a little as he pressed the switch forward and it started humming quietly in his hand, “this one?”

"Uh huh," Blaine murmured in agreement. His hand came up and closed over Kurt’s, guiding the nub down to his belly. A blissful sigh slipped past Blaine’s lips as it brushed his skin. "Mmm, just start there for now," he requested softly. "Or over my jeans– hang on–"

Kurt watched curiously as Blaine’s hand disappeared under the comforter. A second later he heard a zipper and then Blaine’s hand re-appeared with his packer. Flushed with embarrassment, Blaine set it up on the headboard shelf where he kept his alarm clock and a few little stacks of books and nodded at Kurt.

"Just, um, please, don’t look o- or move the comforter to see or touch anything," Blaine nearly pleaded.

"I won’t, I promise," Kurt agreed, rolling a bit more until he was half-over Blaine and his cock was pressed against Blaine’s hip. He returned the vibrating nub to Blaine’s stomach, smiling happily when he felt Blaine jolt up a little.

"It’s different when s- someone else is using it," Blaine gasped, craning his neck up until Kurt’s lips smacked against his roughly.

He felt Blaine moan into his mouth as he carefully started tracing the massager over Blaine’s lower belly, from one hip to another and then letting it snag gently on the waistband of Blaine’s boxer-briefs. His own cock throbbed at the noise and the way Blaine arched up into him, hands tangling roughly into Kurt’s hair as he forced their mouths together hard. Kurt was almost certain his lips would be bruised in the morning.

"Is that okay?"

"That’s g- great, oh!” Blaine gasped and bit Kurt’s lower lip. “Please, um,” Blaine’s hand closed over his, slowly dragging the nub over his stomach and down to his thighs. Kurt felt the open flap of Blaine’s jeans brush the back of his hand as Blaine directed him a little lower until the massager dipped down. “Mmm, god, tease me a little, okay? I- I like to be teased.”

Kurt nodded, stomach pulsing and twisted up tightly as he tried to figure out exactly where he was with the toy. It wasn’t easy when he couldn’t see or feel anything, but he tried to use Blaine’s unzipped jeans as a guide. Right now he was at the crease between Blaine’s left thigh and his pussy.  As he moved it along the crease he realized he was right, it followed an angled line, one that no doubt aligned with the V of Blaine’s abdominal muscles.

He groaned at the thought, and traced it back down, then up and over until it slipped down the other side. Below him, Blaine’s breath stuttered and Kurt felt his hips roll up with the motion.

"Y- yeah," Blaine stammered, fingers treading through Kurt’s hair and pulling him down for another kiss. "Like that, Kurt."

Kurt whimpered. “God, say my name again,” he begged, moving the massager back to the other side, and feeling it catch on Blaine’s boxer-briefs. Oh, he must still be over the underwear. God, how was his boyfriend this hot when Kurt wasn’t even touching him?

"Kurt," Blaine breathed, his voice dropping as his hips rolled up again. He shifted under Kurt again, and Kurt felt his hips pull away, his hand brushing the bulge in Kurt’s own jeans as he wiggled about a little. A few second later, Blaine closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his hands reappearing as he captured Kurt’s face between his hands. "There, no more underwear getting in the way," he said nervously. "Just don’t–"

"I won’t," Kurt assured him, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheekbone. "Can I– do you want me to rub your clit, baby?"

Blaine nodded eagerly as Kurt moved the massage back down and tried to find the right spot. He slipped back into the spot between Blaine’s thigh first, then slowly pressed in until–

"Yes," Blaine gasped, his grip on Kurt tightening. "R- right there, Kurt, please, right there."

Carefully, experimentally, Kurt moved the massager up and down, listening to Blaine’s sharp intakes of breath and feeling the way his hips stuttered under Kurt. Blaine squeezed his eyes shut, breathing raggedly, as Kurt leaned in and pressed their foreheads together.

"Eyes open," he requested gently. "I wanna see you when you come, okay?"

Blaine did as Kurt wanted, eyes blinking open. The dark pupils that met Kurt’s gaze made his stomach twist hotly and his hips press down against Blaine’s hip. Fuck, he was so turned on. Blaine was panting, his breathing shallow and harsh as his hips rolled up with the unsure movements of Kurt’s hand and the massager.

"Kurt,” Blaine whimpered, fingers clutching hard at Kurt’s sides. “God, f- faster.”

Kurt tried to oblige, his hand fumbling a little as he adjusted his grip on the toy. It was definitely going to take some getting used to, but he loved this. Loved watch Blaine panting and whining and falling apart underneath him. Once his grip was secure again, Kurt started moving, letting his own hips roll as Blaine’s moved up to meet the vibrations.

Kurt kissed him roughly, smothering Blaine’s lips with his as his own breathing turned raggedly. He was soaked with sweat, his jeans painfully tight as Blaine’s eyelids fluttered and he moaned into Kurt’s kiss.

Yes, yes, yes,” Blaine chanted, body jerking frantically with the movements of Kurt’s hand. “Oh, fuck, Kurt! Kurt, I’m– I’m– “

Blaine broke off with a gasping moan, his body arching up for a moment. Then Kurt felt his hips jerk against him, his stomach muscles trembling and fluttering against Kurt as he came.

Kurt’s grip on the massager slipped as Blaine continue to breathe raggedly and loudly. His hand gripped Blaine’s hip tightly as the toy buzzed louder, tangled up somewhere between Blaine’s thighs.

"Fuck, you’re so hot," Kurt whispered, moving his hips roughly as little blips of light exploded before his eyes and his stomach knotted up tighter. "God, wanna make you come again," he breathed, scraping his teeth over Blaine’s jaw until the other man groaned. Blaine was limp and shaky under him, arms trembling where they were still looped around Kurt’s hips, urging him to thrust.

"Fuck, Blaine," Kurt gasped out, his cock twitching and straining against his jeans as he came. He groaned deeply, hips stilling as he felt his come soak into his underwear. After a few second he collapsed down onto Blaine’s chest, tucking his face in against Blaine’s damp neck and breathing heavily. He cuddled into Blaine’s side like he had a million nights before, not caring that his underwear were ruined or that they’d soon dry against him. This moment was different, important. He’d just watched – made – Blaine come. His boyfriend was finally letting him into his personal pleasure and that was more blissful than the orgasm he’d just had.

"Mmm, as much as I always enjoy our post coitus cuddles could you shift a bit?" Blaine asked uncertainly. "My, um, my underwear are still down and… "

He trailed off in embarrassment, but Kurt nodded weakly, shifting away a little. Some of the moment was stolen as Blaine shifted about and fixed his pants back up. Blaine was still incredibly self-conscious about Kurt seeing or touching any part of him accidentally.

Blaine sunk back into the pillows, welcoming Kurt’s warm weight back on top of him.

"That was amazing," Kurt murmured, nuzzling against Blaine’s throat.

"It was," Blaine agreed, kissing his forehead. "I didn’t think– you really did enjoy that and, um, me?"

"Of course, I did!" Kurt said immediately, lifting himself up enough and looking into Blaine’s scared hazel eyes. "You are everything I want, Blaine. I cannot wait to do this again, to lay you down and see how many times I can make you come before you can’t anymore, to take our time as you open up to me, and someday,” Kurt glanced down at the comforter tangled around their waists. “Someday I hope you feel comfortable enough with me that you won’t need this or anything to hide how beautiful you are from me.”

Blaine wiped at his eyes and gave him a watery smile. “I love you so much, you know that? You’re so patient with this.”

"Because I love you just as much," Kurt told him softly. "So we totally have to do this again, okay? Like, as soon as I get out of these sticky underwear."

Blaine giggled and pulled him back down against his chest. “Aw, did I make you ruin your other favorite pair?” he teased, tracing his finger along Kurt’s jaw. “You know, I could easily get going right now, but I mean,” Blaine winked at him playfully, “if you need some recovery time, I guess we could nap… “

Kurt groaned and fumbled with the button and zipper on his jeans. “I’m still young enough to get it up again that soon,” Kurt warned him. “I could out stamina you any day, Blaine Devon.”

"Oh, bullshit," Blaine laughed, helping Kurt out of his jeans and underwear. "How many times have I already fucked you raw and still been ready for more?"

Kurt glared playfully at him. He fumbled for the massager that was still buzzing down by Blaine’s legs and moved to unbutton Blaine’s jeans. The playful mood disappeared instantly. Blaine tensed and grabbed his hand to stop him. Chest tight, Kurt instead settled it on Blaine’s stomach.

"I’d rather do that," Blaine said awkwardly. "It’s just… someday I’ll be ready for that, but not yet."

"Sorry," Kurt apologized quietly. He set the massager on Blaine’s belly and instead moved to mess with his own pants and underwear, sitting up and pulling them completely off. As he dropped them on the floor, Blaine’s arms circled around his neck and his lips closed over Kurt’s earlobe.

"So what do you want to do first?" Blaine purred in his ear, sucking softly as his arms wound around Kurt’s waist and took hold of his cock. "I bet you’d really like to feel my throat, wouldn’t you? You know how much I love to deep throat your thick cock. Mmm, makes me feel so full.”

Kurt sighed at the suggestion and let Blaine start kissing over his neck and shoulders. It made Kurt’s heart ache to realize they still had a long way to go, but they’d just made huge progress tonight. Some day they’d get there, it was just going to take time.

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