I wonder which version of Come What May they’re going to use

Like, there’s three that I’m aware of, so… 


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  2. xxshallow-believerxx said: I feel like it should be the finale version because that talks about “forgiving everything” and that obviously applies with Klaine’s situation. Of course Blaine would have to play Satine in that scenario, but whatevs. They can make anything work.
  3. substantialityou said: I like the one they sing on the stage when he walks back except it’s cut off at the end which always pisses me off
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  7. kissedmequiteinsane said: as much as i LOVE the movie version with the piano and everything, i think they’re just gonna do the basic version everyone knows
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  9. inanotherfewhoursthesunwillrise said: i assumed it was going to be the moulin rouge version cause the ep is all about movie songs
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