With every new fact released about this guy I picture an increasingly lame wanna-be stud. Like, super obnoxious and trying to be charming but actually smarmy. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

I get what you’re saying. They sound like they’re setting him up as they did with Blaine, only he’s in a dubious club and singing a song about wanting ass, so… I dunno. I’m leery of him even when I factor out my Klaining ways. But hey, if it gives Kurt his realization and he doesn’t get hurt or anything worse then fine. Bring him on the show and hurry up and get it over with because nobody wants to watch it.

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  1. octopusinspace said: Yeah I mean…you can’t introduce a serious, lasting love interest with a song about butts. I hope he’ll serve as a foil for Blaine - also cute, also appealing, also talented, but like arrogant and and overly flirtatious and whatnot.
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  3. catyuy said: Maybe this is Kurt forcing himself into a rebound relationship (at Rachel’s urging) and this guy is the most obvious option with the least effort so why not.
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