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Heh, yeah. Maybe all of GYOW and everything was just his imagination. Maybe he really just went crazy when he walked into his parents’ room when he was six and he’s been locked up in a mental hospital ever since.

Wow, I need to stop giving myself ideas.

But yeah, that “sequel” is going to be so blangsty and klangsty and yup.

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  1. adangerouspastime said: My eyes got really big and I yelled NO at my computer. But if you did do that, I’d make it through somehow because you’re brilliant. There’d probably be even more drinking and crying though. I might even get hysterical in your ask. Fair warning.
  2. brizzbee said: you know, honestly if you went that route I’d be interested to see how you’d handle canon!Blaine in that situation. I love the type of Blangst that I can use as headcanons for canon!Blaine since the show doesn’t seem to want to explore his past…
  3. boomboompanda said: Oh do a mental hospital story! it would be soo cool and dark and angsty, and dark and angst and dark and sexy and dark. (I have a thing for dark writing)
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    Damn… Nope, no more ideas for you. Just Evan fluff. 8D Lots and lots of Evan fluff! FLUFF, ZANE. I KNOW YOU CAN WRITE...
  5. girliesportsjunkie said: NONONONO. You’re not pulling a “Dallas” it-was-all-a-dream thing are you? Nooooo…. (and Blaine likes Cal … he’s in the Hollywood Hills)
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