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Yes but remember, it worked out when you wrote it. If the Glee writers wrote him at Berklee, the only steady relationship in three seasons would crash and burn badly. BADLY.

Ahaha, except I haven’t actually written any gyow!college. What if I lied? What if the epilogue and Tics and their wedding and Evan is all a vivid dream Blaine’s having? Just like the avalanche of nightmares he’s going to have during that “sequel” idea I have? trololol There is no Evan. There is only sadness and broken hearts.

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  2. scandalsandbowties said: You have too many friends that would come find you with pitchforks for that. You cannot run from the fandom my friend. :D
  3. alexwishington said: Zane nooooo. why would you.
  4. boomboompanda said: wow that’s sad. Have you thought of writing for Glee? You got the soul crushing sadness but I think your story writing skills are too ‘upper level’ per say.
  5. stardustgifts said: NO, ZANE. TOO MUCH BLANGST.
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