1. girliesportsjunkie said: Fearing those voices in your head, Zane …
  2. recentforgeries said: I’m going to go expand peeps that I’m never going to eat in the microwave does that help?
  3. domiiik said: Cause of death: Zane’s flawless writing. That’s gonna be written ony my grave one day.
  4. nerdgirlproblems-archive said: WRITE THEM ALL, ZANE! just start asking for donations, ppl will pay you for smut and then you can be a professional fic writer :)
  5. kurtscockinblainesass said: spof dsdwekjd xsx but you can secretly write a bit of all and only post 1 so poeple wont kill you :D ~ what am I saying NO
  6. sophisticatedyetslutty said: bdsm one. Do that one. Or shove them all into one.
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