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Yes good, go take a break deck-building neighbor. Shoo, go hydrate and relax until 5pm.

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So it’s still a way off, but you still have a chance to win a free multi-format ebook copy when it come out next year!

And it’s not just my book that you can win a copy of, every book Interlude Press is publishing has a raffle going on for the Launch Party. Join us on Google+ throughout the day on July 22nd to celebrate IP’s launch and for chances to win books, posters, and more. There’s also a GRAND PRIZE raffle for a year of free IP ebooks!

To enter, click on one of the links (the big box at the top for mine, and the imbedded link for the Grand Prize) or like my Facebook page. You must follow me through the raffle link for it to register your entry!!!

Author Blog





They’re all still a little empty looking, but during the next few weeks they’ll be picking up with the launch. There’ll be a lot more about my book, the writing process I’m still shouldering my way through, inspiration, and probably the cat who has been sleeping on every word written.

40 minutes left for the raffle! Join us at 4PM EST!

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The cover art of Interlude Press. These 11x14 mini posters will be up for grabs today during our live 8pm ET/5pm PT session with IP Art Director RJ Shepherd of BuckeyeGrrl Designs. Submit a question that we answer in our Google Hangouts On Air broadcast, and you’ll get a print.


if you don’t think this scene was the cutest ever then get out of my face

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IP’s 24-Hour Launch Party Schedule



Snuggle into those pajamas, pour yourself a night cap and join us to celebrate the global launch of IP’s first books all day (and all night) July 22nd with our 24-Hour Launch Party!

Starting at midnight Eastern time, we will host chats with IP authors on our Google+ channel every two hours. We’ll also reveal the Fall 2014 releases and cover art, as well as a sneak peek into 2015. And every session will include giveaways and raffles for IP and fandom swag, items for readers and writers and lots of IP books.

GRAND PRIZE: One year of IP multi-format eBooks!

No purchase necessary. Panel participation subject to change.

Panels and Air Times ET/PT 

Midnight/9pm (Live):    

Welcome to IP – IP Staff

2am/11pm (Live):          

Bleeding Heart/Platonic/Forever Man — Melissa Graves (missbeizy), Kate Paddington (doonarose) and AJ DeWall (iconicklaine).                                       


Pivot & Slip / Designs on You — Lilah Suzanne (alilactree) and Carrie Pack (randomactsofdouchebaggery)                                                          

6am/3am (Live): 

Fan fiction, fan culture and fans-gone-pro — Mila McWarren (wordplaying), Jan da Costa (januarium) and Laura Stone (stoney321) .                                                                                                                      

8am/5am (Live): 

Summer Love Anthology Contest – IP Staff                                                              

10am/7am (Live): 

Two IP Firsts: Consent Imprint & Episodic Fiction – IP Staff, Moriah Gemel (lurkdusoleil)                                          

Noon/9am (Live): 

2014 Fall Book Reveals – Lynn Charles (dontbefanci), Erin Finnegan (girliesportsjunkie) and Laura Stone (stoney321)                                                                                      

2pm/11am (Live):

2015 Title Reveals – K.E. Belledonne (knittywriter), Kate Fierro (anxioussquirrel), Mimsy Hale (borogroves) and Lilah Suzanne (alilactree)                                             

4pm/1pm (Live):

From Fic to Novel: Featuring 2015 authors, including Charlotte Ashe (chazzam), Mila McWarren (wordplaying), Lissa Reed (glitterdammerung) and Zane Riley (zavocado).                                                                 

6pm/3pm (Live):

Writing Original Novels: Featuring 2015 authors, including Jan da Costa (januarium), Kate Fierro (anxioussquirrel), Courtney Lux (andercas), Jude Sierra (judearaya) and Mina Sloan (spinmybowtie), plus 2014 author Lynn Charles (dontbefanci).                                                                                    

8pm/5pm (Live):

Under the Covers: IP Art and New Cover Reveals – IP Art Director Becky Shepherd (buckeyegrrldesigns) and IP Staff                                                                             

10pm/7pm (Live):

What’s Next? Where We’re Headed and Raffle Winners Announced – IP Staff


Want to win some prizes? Got a question you’d like answered on the broadcast? Submit a question that gets answered on air and you’ll qualify for prizes and IP swag.

Submit them LIVE on Google Hangouts On Air, or send them in advance to We’ll also be monitoring the #IP24 Twitter tag for questions.

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Squee, the IP Launch Party kicks off in 20 minutes! Come join the IP staff as they introduce themselves and IP!

And here’s a helpful link because I got too excited to add it

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Squee, the IP Launch Party kicks off in 20 minutes! Come join the IP staff as they introduce themselves and IP!

Anonymous: You have a book? What? When? Why? CONGRATS MAN FELICIDADES DIOS TE LO MERECES ERES EL MEJOR ESCRITOR!!! :D :D :D But please explain... :D

Technically, I’ve got a manuscript I’m tip-tap-typing away at, but yes. It will be a book next year. And yes THANK YOU GRACIAS. I still have to run Spanish through a translator, but I got Duolingo on my phone so I can start learning it (Squee!)

Um, so Interlude Press is going to be publishing my book. For now, I cannot say a whole lot about the actual book since it isn’t finished and submitted yet. What little I can say is that it was originally one of my Klaine fanfictions and I’ve spent my summer working on it.

Tonight at midnight EST (about two hours from now) is IP’s official launch. There’s going to be a bunch of panels and giveaways and a lot more information about the company and everything happening then. The schedule can be found here and I encourage you to check it out or stop by to hear about all the new books coming out!

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Anonymous: Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaane I want your book!!!! How can I win one?????????? God Im lost lol

Go here:

And sign in with facebook or your email. I haven’t actually entered any of the raffles myself, but I believe it gives you options to follow my new blog, twitter, etc. and to tweet and so forth for entries. That’s all you have to do, but you have to do it through the raffle for it to count your entry.

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