Glee is saying “bye bye” to the Big Apple as it heads into its sixth and final season, with Rachel and the gang returning to the hallowed halls they once called home — after a six-month time jump, of course.

1. Rachel, following her “humiliating failure as a TV actress” will return to Lima and “reinstate and lead” the glee club.

2. Kurt will follow Miz Berry back home, helping to return New Directions to its former glory.

3. Sue will remain the show’s main antagonist, banishing all arts from McKinley High.

4. Blaine and Sam will also find themselves in Lima with Mr. Schue, and all three are said to have found “surprising new gigs.” (Rumor has it, Mr. Schue will lead Vocal Adrenaline, while Blaine will head up the Warblers.)

5. Series regulars include: Chris Colfer (Kurt), Darren Criss (Blaine), Dot-Marie Jones (Beiste), Jane Lynch (Sue), Kevin McHale (Artie), Lea Michele (Rachel), Matthew Morrison (Will), Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Amber Riley (Mercedes).

Your thoughts on Glee‘s farewell season? How are you hoping to see it all end?

If any of this is true, then Glee is saying “bye bye” to its fan base, too. Every syllable of this would be a complete waste of our time, the actors’ and actresses’ time, and the characters.

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Why do I already have a list of 17 things to do tomorrow? Why??????

Make that 19.


Making a list as a reminder for when I inevitably log on to tumblr (some of this is secretive abbreviations that won’t make sense):

  • IPC
  • Request class books from other branches to library by house. Ain’t got no money to buy that shit, professor. Get real.
  • 314: Paper (lol classes just started and this is due the second day, like fuck you, mate); also, pick a piece to do this on. Ew. This class can burn.
  • 470: Scene Book reading
  • 470: Start first class novel: Jesus’ Son. I’m pronouncing that as “Hay-zeus” because yes. Don’t tell me how to live my life, professor! 
  • 470: Begin brainstorming novella ideas for semester mauscript. First 15 pages due 9/8.
  • Review EPro.
  • Clean out the inside of that car you drive around in. People keeping leaving their damn trash in the back. Rude. Probably wash him, too. Poseidon likes water.
  • Print 314 schedule when Grandma gets off her computer to acknowledge that her tummy does, in fact, like eating.
  • Decide which 314 roles best suited for from Editor/Copy Editor/Managing Editor/Fiction or Nonfiction or Poetry Editor etc. We’re actually producing a real literary journal what???
  • Mail that book out to that kid who bought it on
  • Balance checkbook/manage accounts/bills.
  • Set aside 556.50 for tuition payment on 9/5
  • Manuscript: Transfer Print out corrections for last chapters to word doc.
  • Manuscript: Read through previous edits up to 23. Don’t do continuity like Glee does continuity. Just don’t.
  • Manuscript: Read through all feedback comments from where I left off.
  • Update desk calendar with all new due dates and assignments for classes and new work schedule.
  • Give Mouthy his medicine cause he’s got a chest cold and he’s my baby.
  • Also, don’t let Grandma take car because she won’t think to look at the gas gage and gurl he needs some serious gas. And she drives around with the highbeams on, like no. You still can’t see with those on? Ummmm????
  • Gym? Bike Ride?
  • Sleep? Cry while sleeping?
  • Shower?
  • Eat something, you moron.
  • Repeatedly experience the inescapable feeling of having forgotten something.

And that is my list. Things to be crossed off as I conquer them.

Close enough


20/24 and now I sleep.

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Anonymous: I am honestly just so confused over these "spoilers" (holding out hope they are fucking with us). But like whatever I could make myself deal w/another break up since they are clearly turning K&B into the Ross/Rachel of the series now that they are the only established romantic couple. But really Blaine with Karofsky? I'd rather see him date a plastic bag. And having them all leave school & return to Ohio makes no sense at all. It's too bad the writers clearly don't care/want to ruin it even more

I’ll wait until it gets closer to the air date. That’s like four months away, so a lot will probably be cleared up and changed.

And if they are making them the “Ross/Rachel” then that’s pathetic, too. Do something new. Something unexpected instead of the same A-couple tropes. Make this last season memorable instead of a fizzled out sparkler in the toilet. 

It’ll be very disappointing if this is the best they can give the fandom for a final season.

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Anonymous: Klaine is just too good for Glee. I just want a spin-off on HBO please.

I don’t know about too good for it, its more like what they grew into was more than the Glee writers are capable of handling. They seem to only want to write love triangles and melodramatic high school romance, despite what this couple (and a few others over the years) are capable of being. Klaine evolved to be more than that, and then the writers starting taking them backwards. Then forwards, and now, potentially, backwards again.

They’re just floundering until the show is over at this point, and its not enjoyable to hear. I’d rather write their story in my head.

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wingsofwriting said: I’m pretty much only still here for a Klaine wedding. If they don’t give me at least that, I’m gonna be pissed. I feel like I’ve earned for putting up with the shit starting from the end of season 3. Oh well Flash and Arrow are going to be first pick

I’ve just reached this point with Glee where I don’t care. Like, there are things I want to see, but

"Hey, we’re adding new kids?"

"Hey, new love triangle"

"Hey, time jump"

and over and over and… none of it is exciting. It all seems pointless and wasteful, if any of its true. And I just… no reaction. I just roll my eyes and shrug and go back to another fandom or show.

Like, whatever Glee. You were cool the first time you ripped your pants on the beach, but like Spongebob, you took it too far one day and its not cool or funny anymore. Like, sorry, man, your time is over. No amount of melodramatic nonsense is going to change that. Do something significant with the time you have left, not the same old shit.

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andercas said: glee writers are like oprah when it comes to new characters and unwanted romantic relationships. you get a new kid! YOU get a new kid! EVERYBODY GETS A NEW KID! and wait, look under your seats! THERE’S A NEW LOVE TRIANGLE!

They really are. But unlike Oprah, its pathetic when they do it. 

New kids in the last, shortened season. I’ll pass. Time to rewatch DW on Netflix while Glee airs like half of last season xD

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wingsofwriting said: Yeah, I’m pre-screening every show before watching now. I already know I’ll have more than one show in that time slot. And Glee is not first pick anymore.

Yeah, we’ll see. It’s still REALLY early for spoilers. If half of its true, I’ll be surprised. But if they’re all back in Ohio, after that big sad-face goodbye WMHS and Glee Club last season, then I’ll be watching something on Netflix. I’m not interested in going backwards with Glee, or interested in half of what I’ve heard, true or half-true or ludicrous.

Now, if there’s a Klaine wedding episode, then count me in.

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The more I hear some Glee Season 6 “spoilers” reiterated, the more confused I get.  


exchanging headcanons and AUs with friends like





sliced bread is the greatest thing since betty white

Reblogging for that comment

thats crazy

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