One day this will be: “Anderson-Hummels! Anderson-Hummels!” as Blaine tries to lead his and Kurt’s as yet barely upright children in a rousing chorus of ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider.’

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tabitha requested: klaine’s butts

A post I can get behind.

Very very close behind…

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Sometimes it’s gray and it swims

Holy mother of YES, THAT.

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deerbabystyles said: i think they’re there for the winning less than they are for the sport, tbh.

With Boston, I wouldn’t be too surprised it there were a fair number that were. They were as bad as the O’s for YEARS, and then finally started winning… ten years ago? Like it was a quick turn around and then boom! Lots and LOTS of fans. Generally, when a team starts winning, more people are interested. But they’re interested because the team is winning, not necessarily for the sport or experience of going to a game. :/ Not everyone, obviously, but there’s certainly a few that are.

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azraeldoesnotdispute said: So do Boston a year and Baltimore a year, see how you like them, then head west, young man.

Like I’ve got the money to do that…

Baltimore though. So many games I could go to… BASEBALL

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deerbabystyles said: on friday night i thought the game had ended because the train station was filled with fans, but i checked online and the game was still going on, they were just losing; so i completely agree with you

Yeah, I don’t like that. Like, if its a week night and you’ve got your little kids with you, okay. Or if its going into extra innings/late or you work early, okay. But like, its a Friday night, the game isn’t over, stay. I’ve never left a game early. Even as a little kid when we got our asses kicked. First game 16-3. Stayed for the whole thing, so did 90% of the fans. We’re used to losing, we’re calmer about it, I guess. Like it sucks, but there’s so much more about going to a game than winning. I think a lot of the winning team fans forget that.

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azraeldoesnotdispute said:Why are you considering Boston anyway? I would think it’s overrated.

I’m considering like half a dozen places, so yanno. I like Boston. I love Baltimore. I’ve never been west and really want to see what it’s like. I only want to step foot in Virginia if its for visiting family on holidays. Been done with this state since I was twelve.

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deerbabystyles said: i hate living in boston because of the red sox fans but then again i live about a 5 minute walk from fenway

Yeah, I’d be the kid going to the games against the Orioles (and probably getting shit for it. I’ve gotten shit from Boston and NYY fans for being an O’s fan at CAMDEN YARDS. Like, duh I am. This is the O’s stadium dumbasses)

I like the city, not the fans usually. I don’t like the Red Sox or the Yankees. Bad experiences with both groups of fans is part of it. Generally the loudest and rudest of the baseball lot in my experience. Like, I just wanna watch the game, stop screaming in my ear and spitting on the little kid next to me and snarling at him because you’re fucking drunk and don’t like his Ripken jersey. Chill out. It might just be a New England thing, I dunno. Red Sox fans are the loudest and rudest I’ve seen and Yankees are usually the angriest. They’re pretty rude, too, but I’ve seen the worst from Boston. Like, the Yankees start losing and they all seem to lose their shit at the games and I’m like uhhh, I grew up with a team that didn’t have a winning season from the time I was born until I was like 22. Get over it, guys, it’s one game. Last time I went to an O’s/Yankees game everyone around us were Yankees fans. They all left in like the 5th because they were losing by like 3 runs. Overall, not good impressions or attitudes.